they are like the Korean grandmother and grandfather I never had...

Adam Express...
Adam Express? yes, that is right
that little green hole in the wall in Mount Pleasant is a fantastic place for Korean/Japanese/Chinese food


get your favorite Korean dish with some Sushi on the side
their service is not fast... but that is how long it takes to make it fresh right in front of you
if your order is stuck behind a few other orders
be prepared to wait
but let me tell you... it is worth the wait

Adam Express is a great little secret!

I will go up there... order carryout for the family
step out with the camera and snap some shots of people passing on their bicycles
then walk home with a freshly prepared feast!

there are some stools and some bar space to eat there
but I usually take it to go

and then some FANASTIC RANDOMNESS when you chase these links!

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