Tour de Fat in Atlanta happened yesterday... Tour de Fat in Washington DC is NEXT!

Tour de Fat comes to Washington DC on June 1st!
what is the Tour de Fat?
it is not a long bicycle ride...
it is not a grueling bicycle race...
it is not a gathering to poke fun at fat people... 

the Tour de Fat is a Bicycle Themed Carnival hosted by the New Belgium Brewery 
the brewery that brings us FAT TIRE BEER
it is the festival that tours with its the Fat Tire beer 
and now a multitude of other beers...


but what happens on this day?
well... it is one of those "if you have to ask" things
you know... "you need to see it to believe it"
for some reason... the day is hard to explain
but in short...

it is a bicycle themed carnival
there are bicycle themed games
there are bicycle themed performances
there are kinetic bicycle sculptures that people can ride
there is music that makes people want to get off their bikes and dance
and there is beer... not just beer... but good beer
this is not your standard DC street fair where you buy chicken on a stick and stand around
this is an event that the attendees participate in!

JOIN the Tour de Fat Event Page on FACEBOOK
then... invite your fun cycling minded friends!

this is the second year for the Tour de Fat in Washington DC
lets make it bigger and better than it was last year... and last year ROCKED!

Tour de Fat on the Gwadzilla Page

and of course...
the Tour de Fat is an event that would not happen without all of its volunteers
if you are interested in volunteering at the Tour de Fat email at 

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