Ultimate practice...

my older son Dean is dabbling in a wide variety of activities
our family is going the route of the "variety pack"

rather than selecting one sport as in going the route of "travel soccer" 
we are indulging in a wide variety of activities

track... cross country... ultimate... rec soccer... Karate...
the list goes on 
the sports rotate with the season

some kids play soccer for four seasons
in the winter we ski, ice skate, and other winter activities
in the summer months there will be all sorts of swimming and other such water based activities
the bike is year round... but increases in the warm months

we hike and walk the dog year round
and if it snows... expect us to be sledding

it took me a while to understand that IT IS OKAY not to play travel soccer
Travel Soccer is not the barometric pressure reading for whether or not a kid is a good athlete or if a parent is raising their child to be healthy and strong
there are more paths to life
just as there are more sports than just soccer

but really... I have a problem with parents misunderstanding of sport
no... put something in and get something out
just because a kid is playing Rec... does not mean that they should not try their hardest and do their best

in the above shot I enlist the 8th grade son of a friend of mine to warm up my 6th grade son
my son Dean can be shy at times
so... I asked Jonah to warm him up and look out for him
it is good for the younger kids to have an older kid on their side

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