Yes... Catch and release... But also SCIENCE!

here are our tadpoles...
still waiting for them to grow some legs

put a few tadpoles in the fish tank
they got snatched up IMMEDIATELY!
these remaining tadpoles remain in this Tequila bottle

these guys will go in the backyard fishpond when think they are ready to behave more like frogs and less like food

just as I bark at my kids to "stay on the trail" when hiking the woods
I also allow my boys to get off trail to explore
they are allowed to climb trees... rocks... or splash in the creek
they need to respect nature... but they also need to interact with it

in this case of "catch and release"
I feel that the puddle of tadpoles had thousands of tadpoles for this very reason
because birds, fish, and other wildlife are going to feed on the tadpoles
along with the occasional curious child with a net or in this case... a water bottle

the thought of the growth of the child's mind growing to have an understanding of respect for the environment is as important as anything else
like the zoo or the circus... both are questionable.... but the exposure of these animals to the public, especially the children, somewhat justifies the situation

future environmentalist
future citizens of the world

it is our children who will be the protectors of the land
raise them to respect life and respect nature

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