Dean and I rode the NoVa Epic with a guy on a single speed named Rob

thanks for the photo Rod Smith

ran into Rod as he was riding home... riding home after riding to the event... riding the 65 mile leg... then riding home

11 year old Dean rode the 20 mile course of the NoVa Epic on his Gunnar Single Speed
a bike put together with a piece from here and a piece from there
frame bought for cheap from Cargo Mike

to bring it full circle
both Rod Smith and Cargo Mike are DC Bicycle Messengers who work a specialty niche where they pull a trailer behind their bikes


Rob said...

Good times! Thanks for letting me tag along!

gwadzilla said...

great sharing the day with you Rob... I think it was a healthy additive to the day for Dean

snapped two shots of you and put them on my Gwadzilla Facebook Page