Rainy Monday... better than a rainy Saturday and Sunday... especially when that weekend involves major outdoor plans

yes, it is raining outside
raining outside and stormed yesterday afternoon into the evening
but before that
the weekend was splendid

sure it was hot on Saturday and humid on Sunday
but... heat or humidity or both trumps rain almost any day

Friday was the Tour de Fat setup
and then Saturday was the long awaited Tour de Fat in Washington DC
finally on Sunday there was the MORE NoVa Epic, a supported endurance mountain bike ride
in short... it was a fun filled weekend that involved all sorts of work behind the curtain to make things happen

both Saturday and Sunday involved a great deal of actions on the part of MORE: The Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts
MORE being a a mountain bike advocacy group that not only rides mountain bikes... but builds trails, works with land managers to open parks to new trails, works to keep trails open, and then also maintains natural surface multiuse trails that open to mountain biking

Saturday was New Belgium's Tour de Fat... a bicycle themed festival that is thrown by New Belgium but would not happen without partnering with bicycle advocacy groups in each of the 12 cities that the tour stops in
in Washington DC the groups involved in the Tour de Fat are WABA, Black Woman Bikes,  Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling, Phoenix Bikes, and MORE

MORE was in charge of BIKE VALET
as the DC Advocate of MORE I took on the responsibility of being the point man representing MORE at DC's Tour de Fat by running the Bike Valet
this was year two for Tour de Fat in Washington DC
also year two for MORE to be running the Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat

yes, it is raining now
but it did not rain this weekend
had it rained this weekend past?
well... it would have been a different weekend

Friday set up was hot... while the Tour de Fat on Saturday was hotter
although we did not want rain... we definitely needed water
it was dry and dusty... had it rained... well... as said... it would have been a different day
then Sunday... after being sunburned on Saturday I went out to with my 11 year old son Dean to ride the 20 mile portion of the NoVa Epic

it was Epic... the weekend was Epic
there was threat of rain on Sunday... a few drops fell as we rode
but not enough to even moisten the trail
just a spit

durning the New Belgium after party at the Fox Hunt Club at Lake Fairfax it started to rain
not first thing... after the party was started... closer to when the party was starting to wind down

but it was fine...
we were able to achieve our goals
our goals as individuals
our goals as a club


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Todd said...

You did an amazing job at the TDF Joel! Thanks for all your hard work. It really showed.