I need to practice my Uke

at lunch the other day I passed through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall
could not help myself but to hang with a few people and their Ukes
this guy's dad played a song that must have been a Hawaiian Folk song
he and his sister sang
it was nothing short of beautiful

then I asked if he could play... with his father waving me off as I asked if he knew the "Mario theme"
sorry... it is 2013
and the kid younger than him and his sister was glued to her iPad
so I figured such things were not off his radar

he played another folk song where everyone sang along
the sister... the father... and a woman doing some clean up a few steps away

it was a nice way to spend my lunch

was pleased to pass the family waiting for a shuttle bus as I rode my bike home
gave them a hearty hello as I pedaled past

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