a reminder... more on submissive cycling

This morning when I arrived at work I was a few minutes late...
just with parking the car or riding a Capital BikeShare bike
there is an issue of space
more over... there is an issue with a shortage of space
in this case... nearly all of the bicycle parking spaces were taken

I looked at the bike rack for somewhere to put my bike
ah... one slot left
a slot next to the gas powered motor scooter
I took it.... the spot not the scooter... but the space alongside the bicycle rack

as I worked the lock to get the front wheel, the frame, and the bike rack all fastented together I noticed a bike a few bikes away
it was an old Bridgestone converted into a cargo bike with an Extracycle
I recognized this bike... I had seen this bicycle before

a few months back I was riding around after work headed from Capital Hill back towards downtown
I was on a major road flowing with traffic
this road crosses a number of roads with traffic lights and then some intersections where the side streets have stop signs while the main road progresses forward

I was progressing forward and a mellow clip with a series of green lights within view just ahead

then I saw this bike
this old mid-80's Bridgestone mountain bike with its Xtra-cycle attachments and its assortment of toddler carriers
as I approached closer the rider on this bike stopped in the middle of his lane... put his feet to the ground... and then waved the car traffic at the stop sign to proceed forward

I found this action to be ignorant... short sighted... and inconsiderate
as well as being... well... maybe those words covered it all
had that car gone... well... it could have obstructed my path... it could have run me down
luckily... the car driver was unable to understand this guy's logic and waited his turn

when I rolled up on this guy I asked him his reasoning
he had his own logic... ignorant failed logic... but his logic
he claimed he heard me coming... claiming he factored me into his decision
which I doubt... but he also had some sort of assumption that this sort of behavior would improve the relationship between car drivers and cyclists

well... I beg to differ
actually... I will not "beg"
I will choose to object to his logic
I find his reasoning offensive and ignorant and short sighted

what if this driver accepted this generous offer... then expected that future cyclists would bow down and grant him (or her) the "right of way"
well... this would not improve relations
it might degrade them
as this car driver would be let down if not angered that the behavior is inconsistent

our exchange was short... I have my own children to raise... so I have no intention of adopting this guy and taking him under my wing
but... this is an example of failed logic where submissive cycling enables aggressive driving

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