an assortment of photos of people and bikes in Washington DC

a chance meeting at a red light
this would not happen in a car...
their may be a nod or a wave... but no real contact
people on bike can have an actual connection when they randomly encounter each other on the bike
actually touch and connect
real face to face contact

unless they are doing Strava... in which case they must focus forward

The White House...
tourist pause to take a photo
while I pause to take a photo of them
just something I see in my day to day travels to and from work
well... if my trajectory takes me down this path

missed the shot... she was accelerating too fast for me, my camera, and my shutter speed
yet I share just the same
Bianchi Axis?

a friendly exchange as we wait for the light to change
it was BLAZING HOT on this day
while we have had an unseasonably cool summer this year
lots of rain too

wonder what the data actually tells us...

bikes on the sidewalk?
I guess until it is safe to be on the streets
it is hard to argue with the timid cyclists' efforts

this sidewalk borders an aggressive road that feeds into a highway
people are already thinking HIGHWAY MODE
maybe the sidewalk is not such a bad idea
personally... I sharpen my elbows
but if I were with my kids?
I would be on the sidewalk on this part of town

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