beat... bummer... sucks... but sadly... these things are to be expected

I am in the habit of locking my helmet to my bike when I lock my bike
I am in the habit of hanging my helmet from my bike when I lock my bike

it makes sense

I do not need the helmet when I am off the bike
if I leave the helmet on the bike it can dry off it is hot
the helmet can be washed if it rains
and of course
the helmet is not bouncing around off the back of my bad as I walk around the office or the bar

when I get to my destination I tend to just leave my helmet with my bike
there was a time when I locked it
then... I got lazy
thought it was enough to just clip it to the frame

not to save time
just because I thought it unlikely that anyone would steal it
have you smelled someone's helmet?
not as bad as gloves
but usually ripe

usually wrong

yesterday when I left out of work
I got to my bike
and well... the bike looked naked
there was no helmet dangling from the top tube

before letting my heart rate race
before jumping to logical conclusions
I took a breath and gave it some thought
considered rushing back up to my office to see if I had actually brought the helmet into the office that day

but no...
I was late
work kept me nearly an hour and a half late
and I needed to be home with the boys

I rode helmetlessly home
debating in my head what may have happened to my helmet
this morning I learned
someone stole my helmet

is this worth pursuing?
do I go to the Metro Police and ask to view the video camera?

and the future?
do I leave Knog and Knog-esque lights on the bike?
of course I will simply weave the straps of the helmet through the lock in the future
but how safe is stuff that is left outside

at my last job
my job for over a decade
well... there I had the comfort of bringing my bicycle into the building and storing the bike in a closet
here... now...
well... I lack that luxury

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