do you enjoy climbing trees? do your kids enjoy climbing trees? are your kids into jungle gyms and other playground equipment?

Dean and his friend Alik at The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs
photo by these guys

The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs

What is The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs?
sorry... it is sort of hard to explain
yet I will try...

the Adventure Park is neither free nor easy
but it is definitely an adventure

The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring is an all natural human powered amusement park (of sorts)
it is like an Ewok village in the trees
there are ladders and ropes that take people up into the trees where they traverse from mini tree fort to mini tree fort over a series of obstacles

it is a rope course with zip lines and other natural challenges of balance and strength
it is safe and fun
well... moderately safe
and its own type of fun

the Adventure Park is designed with logic similar to a ski resort
and I am not just talking about the 50 dollar ticket that starts the day

the courses are marked with different colors to represent the challenge\difficulty of each course
purple\yellow\green\blue on to Black and Double Black

all course users wear safety harnesses that have them tethered to a safety wire
all users take a 15-20 minute lesson in how to safely use the harnesses

it is a serious good time... challenging but fun
a bit of an adrenalin rush

scroll down this Gwadzilla Link to see some more images from a previous visit to the Adventure Park

The Adventure Park and The Beaver Dam Swim Club are highlights of each summer!

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