it does not take that much time to put your lock in the bag... but it could take away just enough control to keep you from staying out of danger

I know that the commission messenger is in a situation where "seconds count!"
they are trying to shave seconds... because seconds add up to minutes... minutes add up to hours... and hours add up to the work day
if they are trying to score as many runs in an 8 hour day
then every second counts

oh... it does not work that way any more?
there are no longer commission messengers?
everyone is on fixed rate\salary\guarantee?

personally I find that I would rather have my hands free and objects in the bag
something like a shopping bag... whether carrying a six pack or some records...
records? what is a record?
never heard of a 12 inch vinyl record?
yeah... that could get caught in your spokes

oh... never mind
I will just put my stuff in my backpack and instruct my kids to do the same
other people?
they will do what they do

it just needs tp make sense to them

that said...
a crack or a u-lock mount would be best
I have been having issue with how much weight I have been lugging back and forth from work
especially on the days when I go for an hour plus spin on my way home

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