it is not uncommon for my morning commute to bisect this guy's morning commute
turns out he works for Capital BikeShare
not sure what he does there
but we played the name game real quick
his story seemed to check out

has a certain likeness to my friend Dudley

the other day at work a guy said he bought a bike from a guy who looked like me
I was flattered when I figured out he was talking about Jonathan from The Family Bike Shop

pacing along side of this person and finding that after my effort we arrived at roughly the same time
it showed that in the short trip not much time is saved\shaved by rushing excessively
yet we try... we want to think that we are doing our best to get there on time
when really... we should all leave five or ten minutes earlier

this woman is finishing her "eBusiness" before getting on the bike
perhaps finishing a text message
maybe checking SPOTCYCLE to confirm there is a vacancy at her destination
no need to grab the bike and start the meter
don't want to be charged a late fee

BikeShare on the Gwadzilla Page

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