Meadowood with the boys

this weekend past the boys returned from their adventure in New Mexico
I was excited for their return and wanted to welcome them back with some fun
so... I took them mountain biking somewhere where the three of us had never been
we went to Meadowood
that is one "W"
so it is either Meado Wood or Meadow Ood
you explain that one

the loop is short and easy to follow 
the trails are fun and carry some decent flow
there was not any significant climbs
I do not recall any time where either of the kids needed to get off their bikes

these measures score Meadowood HIGH as a place to bring kids or beginners

some highlights...
there is a section with humps and dipty doos that we repeated a few times
there is a boardwalk section that is being built that looks like a bicycle roller coaster

definitely a cool little loop

9 year old Grant rode a lap plus some loops on the pumptrackesque section
while 12 year old Dean did three laps


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