photos of nothing are photos of something...

yes... these are photos of nothing
or are they
photos of something
a capture of a moment in time

a moment that will never be repeated
but a moment is representative of a time

a moment in time
a time different than a hundred years before
a time different than a hundred years after
this is now

now is forever changing

car styles change
buildings occupants rotate
old buildings are removed 
new buildings sprout up 
and occupants of these new buildings also rotate

more bicycles are occupying the streets
hope the bicycle sensibility of society continues
I really would like to live in a more civil society
traveling on bike is a more civil way to travel and live

dc a civil city?
is that really too much to ask?

pedestrians having the right of way
not pedestrians being self righteous and walking blindly with their smart phones like Whimpy drunk in one of the old Popeye cartoons

maybe we should try to have NATIONAL BEHAVE DAY
a day where everyone agrees to behave
people hold the doors for others instead of slamming them in people's faces
instead of throwing trash on the ground people could pick up a piece of trash

that old "do unto others" thing
well... it does make sense

that is not an organized religion thing
that is a common sense common courtesy thing

I thought it was Dick Gregory... but it may have been Voltaire

"Common sense is not so common."
* Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764)

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