rookie mistake... a mult itool is not a multi tool if there is no chain tool... I had an allen tool... but not a multi tool

I feel like such a tool
not a multi tool
just a tool
as I do not have a chain tool

actually I have a chain tool
I have several stand along chain tools
and I have an assortment of multi tools
yet for some reason I only had an allen tool in my pack

an allen tool... a pump... and a patch kit
but no chain tool

today after work I thought I would go for a post work spin
I was not feeling it... but I a was already kitted up and on the bike
so... I figured I would do a quick spin around town before getting my younger son from his first day a back at school after summer vacation

so... on the bike pointed away from home
not planning to go very far
not planning on going very long
just something more than the direct straight pedal home

left out of work and pointed towards Capital Hill
did a little meandering
always trying to move forward fast and fluid
always trying to maintain a good pace
always trying to put myself where I am most safe

reading the line and putting myself where things make most sense
anticipating the double parked traffic on the right hand side of the road
which explains why I am in the left hand lane
moving to the center lane before getting bogged down by left hand traffic ahead
not going all the way to the right hand lane because it will turn into a right hand only lane to the far right
with an option lane just to the left

at the base of Capital Hill I am moving at a nice clip 
moving the same rate as traffic as I start moving up the hill
taking the full lane
not hiding to the right so someone can unnecessarily make a pass 

then it happened
not hammering
not grinding
but gently spinning

just along side that circular driveway by the Rayburn building
I knew what it was as soon as it happened

it was effortless
there was no lose of control
just loss of resistance
a glance down and back I saw its chainlike form in the street

I rolled to the side and stepped onto the curb
I watched as the cars passed
their wheels passing on each side of my chain

I had broken my chain
I knew immediately did not have a chain tool on my person

sure I could picture where one and then another Crank Brothers multi-tool was
I also knew where my Alien tool was... not sure why but I took it out of my commuter pack a few days or maybe a week prior


at the road side I thought about my options
tried to force it together by hand
thought that a passing cyclist would lend aid
borrowed a leatherman from a Capital Hill bicycle cop 

made a make shift repair that did not work for more than a few pedal strokes
then walked

Bike and Roll seemed like the most logical option
thought a passing cyclist would offer aid

rode the chainless bike rather than walking for most of the way

borrowed a tool from Bike and Roll then pedaled the rest of the way home

no ride today
just an lesson learned once again

bring it.
because a short ride can be a long walk

luckily my wife lisa called and offered to grab Grant from school
so I was not pressured to run with the bike or anything like that
but it was still a hassle
it was still a pain

no one to blame but society
I blame society

okay... I blame myself

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