Submissive Cycling Enables Aggressive Driving

Bicyclists Belong in the Traffic Lane on FACEBOOK

I agree... I fully agree
riding sheepishly to the right... dodging the passing traffic
it is as if the cyclist thinks that the car has a greater right to be there
so they step out of the way to let them pass


now... mind you... I do pull over to the right so that cars can pass
but only if the driver is clearly a sociopath do I pull all the way over and stop so the car can pass
normally... I ride fast and forward sharpening my elbows and holding my lane
yes, riding to the right of the lane... not all the way to the right
avoiding the "door zone" 

always trying to put myself where I am most safe
always being mindful of the dangers around me

there are many situations where it just makes more sense to take the full lane...

winding road with blind curves?
I frequently ride on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park
this road is a two lane two way road with a 25 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit
at least that is the Speed Limit for the sections I ride

on this road cars will pass aggressively... or should I say obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close
often passing on blind turns
so... to help the driver make the right decision about passing
when I am on a stretch of road where it would be unsafe for a car to pass me for risk they may have a head on collision... I ride a little less to the right

so often on this same road drivers coming the other way make a pass across the double yellow line
into oncoming traffic... HEAD ON TO ME!

well... that is not a safe pass
sometimes they are being super considerate of the cyclist that they are passing in the their lane
without any consideration of the oncoming traffic... ME!

this is an awkward one... awkward.... dangerous.... and often downright frightful

making a pass is something that takes a little bit of thought and a bit of measure
there is a reason why there is this DOUBLE YELLOW LINE
if a person is going to make the decision that it is logical and reasonable for them to cross this double yellow line
they MUST take all the factors into account

alas... they are not... it is dangerous
in the case of the head on collision between a car and a cyclist
I put my money on the car
ask Judy Flannery

Judy Flannery
read this
then... watch this

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