thanks Neil and Andy... today was a party... great race and amazing party!

snapped a few shots at the Photo Hunt Fund(d)racer Alleycat
chased some long time veterans

figured following Slavko and Suave would take me to the top ten
a little juggling of things in the final check points
I recommend Champlain in Adams Morgan
no one followed.... they went to Georgetown instead

my trajectory sent me up towards the Cathedral and then through the park
short cut down through Klingle Valley before getting the last check point that was in Mount Pleasant
before the Columbia Heights finish next to the Wilson Center
across from Pearce Hall

Little John and I talked about Black Flag for a second before the race start
then at the race's end
I had not thought about one of my top five "shows" of all time
Black Flag at Pierce Hall is right up with The Smiths at Warner Theater on their first US tour

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