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REPORT: Redskin's Name Only Offensive If You Think About What It Means

I was just talking about this topic the other day
not because I have a dog in the fight
but because it was tangential to what we were discussing

it seems to me that this argument has been hashed and rehashed over and then over again
so often people jump to the defense of the name and its merits
but really... what people are defending is the mascot
the name and the mascot should be weighted separately

and in that... we may find our solution

could it be as simple as keeping the mascot and its American Indian icon?
then... just change the name?
I would pontificate on the topic... but it is that simple and it is that short
the term "redskin" is a racial slur... while choosing an American Indian as a symbol of strength and power is less than offensive

how about the Washington Warriors?

the fact is...
no matter what is selected someone could be offended
does this naming of the Washington football team have to change?
HECK! they changed the basketball team's name because The Washington Bullets was a funny name for the basketball team that represented the Murder Capital of the World

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