this image tells many stories...

they say a picture is worth a thousand words
these words combine to tell a story
this image tells a number of stories

this image shows the manifest
this image shows a variety of people

a racer arrives at the finish
then there are people who raced for first
then also two people who raced for DFL
then others who raced for the glory that falls in between

people traveling to town
some traveling further than others
some riding to the start straight from home

everybody smiling
even those who got an excess of flats
even those who did not finish where they had intended

the manifest is all that is really the only thing in focus
take a look

Alley Cats can run a wide variety of formats
the Photo Hunt Fun(d)racer Alleycat had a manifest with 8 images
each image was as a check point
racers could go directly to that check point if they knew where it was

well... easier said then done
if racers did not recognize the image
then they had three addresses with clues to the address of that image
at each check point volunteers were waiting to stamp racers manifests to verify that they found that check point

people thought it was going to be taking photos
lots of panic about cell phone batteries and such
but that is not how it unfolded

interesting format
I think it went well

Photo Hunt Fun(d)racer Alleycat (PHFRAC) 

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