this reminds me.... I need some stuff to help heal up Didg's cut paw...

Didg chill-laxing...
we have been taking it easy since he injured his paw

poor pup
limping around on three legs

any tips on a product that I could use to mend his torn pad on his foot?


dcdouglas said...


I'll note for the record that I'm not a vet. However, when climbers have split skin on their fingers, they swear by good old fashioned Crazy glue. If you're concerned about the toxicity of Crazy glue, there are medical-grade cyanoacrylate glues you can purchase.

dcdouglas said...


I'm not a vet, but here's a trick that climbers use for split skin on their fingers--Crazy Glue.

If you're concerned about Crazy Glue toxicity, there are medical grade cyanoacrylate adhesives you can buy as well.

Hope this helps!