went for a short spin with my boys this afternoon
lured them out of the house by having us crash a neighbor's five year old's birthday party
we brought a frisbee and a soccer ball

12 year old Dean and I threw a frisbee while 9 year old Grant ran around with the younger kids

then we rode

we rode the bikes the short distance from our Mount Pleasant home to Pearce Mill in Rock Creek Park
already having the bikes it only made sense to do a short ride in the park

when we were finishing the ride in Mount Pleasant we were crossing at a four way stop
we allowed two cars to go then took our turn
I was halfway across the street when a car coming downhill came through the intersection never stopping
is it wrong for me to flip off someone in front of my child?

I will answer for you
not as wrong as driving like an assshole


there is so much talk about the scofflaw cyclist
there needs to be a measure of the action and its potential set of dangers
that guy in the car running the stop sign with a person in the crosswalk in his car is far different than a cyclist running a red light or a stop sign
they should be treated differently as they are different actions

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