control the car chaos... then get down to the details of pedestrians and cyclists

Cyclist Gets Pulled over On 11th Street the am

there is a gray area in our society
there are accepted parameters to which we are allowed to bend\break the law
this is expressed most clearly in how people drive

there is a difference between "leading and stealing"
and sadly
the consequences are greater in a car than on a bike
so... this should be weighed such

I was in the crosswalk with my older son the other day
we were on our bikes a block from our house
it is a four way stop
we stopped and waited
actually waited not for our turn, but until it was clear

I was in the crosswalk with my son behind me
a car came down the hill
only slowed to make the turn
did not stop at the stop sign

there was no modificiation of his behavior due to the presence of people in the crosswalk
that is a behavior that needs to stop
people in cars need to make a complete stop at the stop sign at the stop line
then stop long enough to access the situation
then when it is their turn... then they should go
but that is not how people roll

a bicycle rolling through the stop sign?
not as dangerous as a car doing the same thing

a warning is a nice way to play it
but really
then consider trying to get pedestrians and cyclist to stand in line

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