Fort Reno... Alice Deal... Wilson High School...

Dean and I doing a "dry run"
testing a route to school by bicycle

12 year old Dean wants to ride his bike
easier said then done

there are all sorts of issues to take into account
the greatest thing to consider... the dangers
obviously... the dangers
the risks
the worst case scenario

how can we avoid the dangers?
how can we reduce the risks?

what is the best route?
the route where there are the least amount of dangers while also being a rational trajectory
to get to school he needs to cross Rock Creek
which means he goes down a hill and then up a hill

the route should be safe and also traverse the hills
or climb as few hills as possible
best to avoid too much up and down
try to just go up once

also try to stay clear of too much stop and go
an excess of stopping eliminates flow

our route is primarily street and then some sidewalk
there is a question... how safe is the sidewalk?
the sidewalks are filled with people on foot
people headed to the bus stop, the Metro train, pushing the carriage, etc. etc. etc.
the sidewalk crosses alleyways and driveways

our dry run took us through the park
we took the road where Marvin Kalb dared cyclists to get in front of him


more on this later

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