Last night and this morning...

The Washington Monument
just something I see in my day to day travels to and from work

last night was the DC Bike Party

it was the DC Bike Party and I was doing my DC Bike Party Thing
rolling with the camera enjoying the ride while trying to document the ride

was snapping some shots
just doing my thing
then somehow... not sure how
but I lost the Bike Party

somehow a slow moving pack of 600 or so cyclists evaded me

so... I took a break on the grounds of the Washington Monument
hung out with an old friend Jay formerly of The Bike Lane
we caught up and mellowed out
had the pleasure of watching a fox on the Washington Monument grounds

a fox living on the grounds of the Washington Monument

seeing something like this give me hope

well... we hung out
I snapped a shot of the Washington Monument all lit up with its metal scaffolding 
just enjoyed the fox making no effort to photograph it
then used my iPhone to figure out the end point of the ride
I did a glance at the DC BP page to see where the post bike party party was

a quick Google gave me the information I needed 
NICE! the ride finished at a bar a few blocks from my house

so... we packed up and motored to the bar
well... pedaled to the bar

only one thing
somehow I must have fumbled with my phone
instead of my phone ending up in my bag... my phone dropped to the ground
but this was not discovered until after the bar
after I had gotten home


so I woke curious... anxiously curious about where my phone may be
thought it could be at the bar
thought it could be found
found to be returned?
found not to be returned?

it was an anxious moment
luckily for me the Washington Monument is just a few blocks from my office so I headed to the grounds of the Monument to see if my phone was there

sure enough... there it was
no tourist had picked it up
no lawn crew had run it over with the mower

all smiles
now to set up that iPhone App for finding the phone so that this will be less of a mystery next time

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