today is September 11th...

Remember September 11th
always remember the events on that day
never forget the events on that day
but also... remember how it changed our country

our country was traumatized
our country was also pulled together... dare I say "united"

for a short time after the events on September 11th people were more respectful of other people
people were more helpful
people were more understanding
people pulled together

but then we regressed
we became the ugly Americans that we were before

I am pleased that people took back September 11th
it satisfies me that children's birthdays and couples anniversaries on September 11th can once again be celebrated
yet, it saddens me that we regressed to the way we were

in honor of September 11th I think we should all be better people
even if it is just for one day
hold the door open for someone
don't be so assertive\obnoxious... let others have their turn
share the space in this world
be nice... be nicer
try to be less mean

do the right thing

many lives were changed on that day
it was a day filled with tragedy
the ripple effect of that day can still be felt by so many
families lost people they loved

but lets us all try to walk away with something positive

have a nice day
try to smile
try to be a solution rather than a problem

take a moment to reflect about the events of September 11th

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