Fungus in Rock Creek Park... images from yesterday and the day prior... raining today

it is raining today... monsoon style rain today
I do not need a doppler radar to tell me that it is raining in Washington DC
I do not even need to look out the window
I can hear it... 

I can hear the rain on the roof of my house
I can hear the rain just outside my window

and well... whether I liked it or not 
I felt it
I felt the rain

morning came... I was slow out of the gate
being a victim of the Government Shutdown my schedule is a little off
my morning walks with the dog are usually under the gun
normally I am out of the gate early 
always rushing in an effort not to be late

our hike in the am seldom does more than a short stall to allow some dog on dog interaction while he is walked the same loop for 15-20 minutes where he is allowed to stretch his legs and do his morning business

Didg usually needs to do his morning business twice

then my ride... my ride into work is usually fast and direct
no time to slow or even stall with the camera
short and intense... just enough to break a sweat
not long enough to constitute a work out
but too long and too intense to ride in my work clothes

but no... not this week
no... not last week

the Government Shutdown has changed my schedule
the shutdown of the Federal Government has altered my routine
and not for the better
this is a wrench in the machine that my life does not need

I need to go to work... I need to get a paycheck
I need these things

but right now...

I do not need to get up as early since I do not need to rush into work
the morning walk does not have to happen as early or as fast
things can unfold more slowly
this morning with the heavy rain I tried to wait it out

there was no waiting it out
so I suited up and dealt with it

dried Didg with a towel
took off my soaking wet clothes
all but my socks
I am going to hit Publish and Post then take off these wet socks

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