The Smithsonian Museums are closed due to the Federal Government Shutdown... that is a lot of museums... including the National Zoo... that is a lot of employees sent home

in that long list of Government shutdown victims
there is the Smithsonian... this does not just effect the tourists
altering their vacation plans
but the museums employ all sorts of people
lots and lots of people sent home due to the shut down

employees and contractors

I fall under this umbrella
so does the rider in the red jacket

took advantage of the free time due to the governmetn shut down and met up with a friend and rode down to the National Mall to check out the Smithsonian in its dormant state

pictured here is Graham... a horticulturist at the Smithsonian museum
another person directly effected by the shutdown

lots of people directly effected by the shutdown
I am effected
Graham is effected
lots of people

workers and their families
people with bills

not all of these people will be reimbursed for their time away from work

outside the Hirshhorn

which I hear was once a beautiful red brick building
as beautiful as the Castle
as beautiful as the Arts an Industries building

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