(another UNFINISHED DRAFT) Post Soccer Practice Dinner... Pho 14

it is tough...
tough to make it all happen
tough to get it all done

after work I get on the bike and I hustle home
I do not pass GO
I do not collect 100 Dollars
I just pedal straight home

once home I need to walk the dog then rally the troops for soccer practice
I coach my younger son Grant's U10 soccer team
sometimes my older son Dean comes along to "assist"
it can be a process getting the boys dressed and ready

this week daylights savings time threw a wrench in the machine
the shorter days of fall had already put a limit on our practice time
the switching of the clocks virtually eliminated our opportunity to practice soccer
yet I held practice just the same

as much as I may feel that the practice is vital I know all too well that playing soccer in the dark is not an option
the kids are sure to collide and clunk heads
it is almost definite that someone will get clocked by a fast moving soccer ball

so... I do not have the children play soccer in the dark

yet I hosted practice just the same

having an Amazon gift card I made a few purchases anticipating these darker days
I placed an order for a few soccer balls that are illuminated with LEDs
I ordered two different styles in an effort to make sure I found something that worked
as it turns out.. it was a good thing I did that
as things are not always what you expect when purchasing online

one of the soccer balls was a diminutive nerf style ball that had a slot cut out that held the lighting system
the second ball was a size five soccer ball that had lights that lit up and stayed lit after the bounce of the ball
each of the balls arrived at on different days

the kids showed up for practice and I let them run around and play with the Nerf style LED soccer ball and an LED frisbee

as the kids played I set up a baseball diamond for kickball
using more LED lights to illuminate each of the cones that I was using for bases
the Nerf ball had one failure.. when the ball spun at a certain angle the light flew free
something resolved easy enough with some tape... if we had tape
so we ruled no mater the kick distance... if the light comes out... you get to take ONE base

it was fun...
but really... parental involvement guided this game
each team had one adult
most of the outs were made by each of the adults

the following night was more of the same
only with the larger/better LED soccer ball
with also a larger field and another adult in the mix
this adult being set as permanent outfielder 


it was a set of very unusual days
parents thanked me saying they had never seen anything like it
to which I had to respond
I had never seen anything like it myself

as it was something I set up on my own

after practice on Wednesday Grant and I were starving
Grant was calling out for Pho
I was grumpy and not fully sold on the idea
but I knew we needed to eat and knew I lacked the energy to cook dinner after a long day of work and then this kick ball game in the dark

so I agreed 
but altered Grant's plan
Grant wanted to go to Nam Viet... I did not want to struggle looking for a parking space in Cleveland Park
so I suggested something else

Pho 14
Grant grumbled
but it seemed to make more sense to drive home... get on the bikes... and ride up to Pho 14 for dinner

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