inspirational video... Frank Medrano Vegan Body Builder

shared this video with my older son Dean
was pleased when I saw him watching it again this morning
this athlete is amazing
he got his strength, fitness, and coordination through hard work

Frank Medrano Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination

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Vegaia said...

Many of the most successful athletes worldwide are now vegan. While they may differ in that they have decided to go vegan to avoid animal cruelty, for their health, to reduce environmental impact, or other reasons, they have one large similarity. They have proved that excellence and veganism often go together.

Myths still persist that state that it is not possible to be vegan and be successful in sport. These myths do not have a foundation in science, and athletes build muscle, endurance and ability on plant sources and many go on to achieve great things. The performance of these athletes is proof that veganism can and does enable excellence


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Vegan Diet Fuels Champion Boxer Timothy Bradley to Remain Undefeated