the MoCo Epic... I bet the organizers\promoters\volunteers are going through Post Party Depression...

started this... much like so many race\ride reports I neglected to finish it
time has passed
the ride.. the day... the whole experience is a blur
a distant blur... nothing more than a fast fading memory

let me take a glance at this
do a quick review

The 2013 MoCo Epic
Single Speed 35 Miler with my 12 year old Son Dean
this year I rode the MoCo Epic with my 12 year old son
we did the 35 mile loop
which is actually 38.5 miles
38.5 miles on a single speed off road at the age of 12 is pretty impressive
good pace too!


we had a good day
it was a good daygreat weatherfantastic trailsand friends... all sorts of bicycle riding friends
the MoCo Epic date was set for one weekend but mother nature had other plans... the MoCo Epic ride date was postponed
luckily there was an opportunity for a rain date
the rescheduling was a bit of an issue for me
it rained in the days leading up to the scheduled date for the MoCo Epic...

it had not rained for seven weeks
then it rained for seven days leading into the MoCo Epic

so... the MoCo Epic Team decided to postpone the MoCo Epic one weekend
good choice... the right choice
which was fine...
but this meant I had a conflict
MoCo Epic or DCCX?

DCCX is a cyclocross race put on by DCMTB
I am on DCMTB
DCCX is a team event that is all hands on deck
it is essentially mandatory for all DCMTB team members

scheduling conflict... major scheduling conflict

for years I have been involved in DCCX
course design, course clean up, course set up
kids race... Race Director of the DCCX Lil Belgians
photographer... documentarian... any other title I can think of that will look good on my college application

yes... had my hands in the mix in the evolution of DCCX
not a major player... just a small cog
a small cog in an impressive small machine yet powerful machine
or at least the person ready, willing, and able to design a course that is both fun and challenging for the kids
then ready to offer up some enthusiasm when saying ON YOUR MARK- GET SET- GO!

but no... no DCCX for me
I had to make a choice

as a member of the MORE board
as a father of a child who had an athletic goal
I had to make my choice

it was not about my loyalty to the mountain bike over the cyclocross bike
it was about my duty as a father

I feel that I made the right choice
although I did feel a tinge of guilt

as well as feeling as if I missed the party that is DCCX



thanks to any and all who made the MoCo Epic happen
thanks Denis and Z Productionsthanks MORE: Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiaststhanks to all the volunteersand of coursethanks to the promoters

there are lots of people involved in making this day happen
the volunteers at the Check Point?
smiles... bicycle repair assistance... and food... LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD!
this day could not have happened without the breakfast version of a corn dog... the maple sausage engulfed in a pancake on a stick
I am not sure if there was maple syrup for dipping
but I know it was a great way to fuel my day
yes... thanks
thanks Darius for those white bread sandwiches with mayo, tomato, and salt!
yes... thanks
thanks to all the check points... 
a hot dog with pineapple and bacon?
yes... thanks
thanks to all the check points for your smiles and support and of course your food

and yes...
thanks Denis Chazelle for your contribution to our local mountain bike community
the MoCo Epic is an amazing day
a day that many people look forward to
a day that would not happen if it were not for all of the people involved
as I am a participant I do not know the inner workings of the machine
but I KNOW... I KNOW that there are lots of people contributing in lots of ways long before this day happened
the route did not build itself
trail has been cut to connect these trails 
trail has been fortified to endure this use

and this happens with a partnership with land managers

lots of wonderful State Parks need to be thanked
as we are thankful to ride our bikes on these trails
not just on this day but on any day
well... just about any day... not a muddy day
a responsible day
a close to zero impact day
Denis' list of partners
Department of Parks of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC)
Germantown Soccerplex
Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection 

and again
a handful of key volunteers who are part of MORE
then promoters and more volunteers
the Aid Stations are AWESOME!

MoCo Epic is Epic
the MoCo Epic lived up to its name
not an epic like the Breck Epic or the BC Epic
but an epic Montgomery County style
epic in its own way

an epic day...
a day of epic riding on some awesome trails in a way that makes what seem impossible all that more possible
the Aid Stations are vital
there is so much to the aid stations
like an oasis in the desert
there is food... there is the opportunity for mechanical assistance
there is moral boosting interactions
in some ways it is awkward
I am out riding my bike on a beautiful fall day with my son
and you are making me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? or was it a hot dog with bacon or pineapple? was it a half white bread sandwich with tomato, mayo, and salt followed by a half dozen more half white break sandwiches with tomato, mayo, and salt?

yes... it was all the above and gummy bears
yes gummy bears.... GU style energy products.... bananas... apples.... Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
and more
usually people would lose weight on a 38.5 mile mountain bike ride
I fear that I may have gained weight

it was like a mountain bike buffet table of really good food!
with friends
lots and lots of friends
lots of bicycle riding friends

great trails and great people
lots and lots and lots of people

Never got into the tale of the tape

he was so STOKED!

he rolled fast out of the gate
had to ask him to slow down
had to tell him to slow down

did not set the Strava up until after we were a few miles into Schaeffer Farms
but he was rocking and rolling

Dean lead... I chased his wheel
we passed all sorts of people
Dean kept a stellar pace

sure towards the end his energy and intensity started to wain
but we all get tired towards the end

I know I was tired
I could have ridden faster... but not sure if I could have been less tired

it was a glorious day
a day that had me smiling with parental pride for the days that followed
seeing Dean in his MoCo Epic t-shirt makes me smile
seeing others in their MoCo Epic t-shirts makes me smile

this event is a fantastic contribution to our local cycling culture
glad that I am able to attend it
so proud that my 12 year old son was interested in attempting it
it was a good day

now I will hit PUBLISH AND POST
as I think that this is enough for now

Dean's MoCo Epic on STRAVA


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