a few shots from my bike ride in Rock Creek Park this afternoon... lots of people on bikes... not many leaves on the trees

Sunday in Rock Creek Park
sections of Rock Creek Park are closed to through car traffic on weekends and holidays
an amazing sanctuary in the city

"the gate"
the gate where traffic is blocked off and diverted from driving through the main road through Rock Creek Park

the gate acts as a starting point, meeting point, and turn around point 
there is more on the road than just bikes
you may need to check another blog for photos of those users
for the most part I point my camera at people with bikes

a wide range of cyclists with varying equipment and an assortment of agendas
most everyone dressed for the weather
today was cold... hovering around freezing
which means it is more than likely only the riders with gear ready for the cold will be on their bikes
without the proper gear I would have done a short ride straight home

like this guy's Felt single speed cyclocross bike

not sure of that public rest room
I think that this area may be a man on man meet up area
not sure if it works through personals
or just common knowledge
not sure if the meetings are pre-arranged or happen with the encounter at the lot or the bathroom
yes... it is all very Larry Craig
wonder what the full story is

thought that these last two shots may have been the best shots of the day
capturing some of the beauty of the barren trees
weeks ago the same trees were on fire with color
now with the change of seasons 
the trees enter their winter state

good day on the bike
amazing that I can roll straight out my front door and I am already out of the city and into this amazing park
Rock Creek Park is a treasure

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