Big Wheel Bikes... a shop with some character or is that a shop with some characters

Big Wheel Bikes
years ago I served some time at Big Wheel Bikes
some service at Bethesda, Georgetown, Alexandria, and also in SE by the Eastern Market
all sorts of memories from working at Big Wheel Bikes
good and bad memories
learned a great deal

always enjoyed the "club house" vibe of working in a bicycle shop
even if Big Wheel Bikes had a bit of a sweat shop tone to it
always felt like I was being over worked... under appreciated... and under paid
such is life at Big Wheel Bikes

and some rants about the owner of Big Wheel Bikes

Sendar is an interesting man
complex to say the least
I have heard he has mellowed as he matured
but in my era... he was a little inappropriate at times
said things and did things that an employee should not say or do
amusing to look back upon

lots to learn about business from Mike Sendar
lots of what to do
lots of what not to do
Sendar and his charisma
interesting how he can repel people and also win people over

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