New Belgium Cruiser ride with Dudley...


Strava Data from a 10 mile pedal on my New Belgium Cruiser
this 26 inch wheel beach cruiser is a lead sled

tried to do a "pop in"
no one does the "pop in" in these days
the thing I miss most about college... the open door policy of visiting people
now... call in advance
if you want to see someone on Friday
you gotta book them on Tuesday
which does not work for me
as part of my tasks when volunteering with the Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat is is also my duty to help promote\publicize the event
to aid in the motivation New Belgium offers up 5 New Belgium Cruisers to the top five promoters of all of the promoters from each of the events in all nine cities around the us of a
a company called Street Shimon ran the promotion event with a variety of goals and a way to try and measure things
in the end I was one of the top five
I think someone else from DC may have been of the top five
the bike is a lead sled but fun to ride 

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