we are always more sad when the pretty and popular people die... even if their living FAST AND FURIOUS

first and foremost...
I do not celebrate this death
death for no reason is a tragedy
an easily avoidable tragedy

I am not shocked that this happened nor am I disgusted that this happened
the accident does not disgust me
the driving behavior disgusts me

The Superficial has a great piece on this
Paul Walker's Death

wonderful randomness when I see my mention of The Superficial

life imitating art?
art imitating life 

either way... people need to slow down
race on the track... not on the street

oh too often I am on the highway and some joker with all the cheesy extras goes weaving through traffic in their bad boy club style rig and I think... do they know the statistics?
the mixing bowl always seems to attract this sort of behavior
I guess that is why the fatalities are so high on that stretch of road

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