THROW BACK THURSDAY... only a few days late

Prom Night...
not B-CC but the Walt Whitman Prom
1984 Whitman Prom
we all look quite handsome

Rob, Andy, and myself
Rob Hardesty was a good friend of mine
Andy and I had homeroom together for four years... this was the first time we spoke, he is\was a nice guy... just ran in different circles

then the cover of the Washington Post... THE COVER
still need to get a digital copy and then print it poster size... headlines and all

Lawrence, John the Mod, Bleu, and myself at Battery Kimble Park in the District
Snow Days Rocked Then... Snow Days Rock Now!
great memories...

this is after the jump... this is the landing!
we slammed hard... broke the chain on the front of the toboggan and could not steer it to the jump for another 

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