Oscar the Grouch at the Smithsonian

Oscar the Grouch at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian

Oscar the Grouch
as a kid I remember there being some sort of link to Oscar the Grouch and myself
not sure if it was how I made my bed
how I kept my room
or my personality

yes... in my early days I recall my parents claiming a likeness\kinship between Oscar and Myself
no... that is not why my older son's middle name is Oscar

on a short term contract at the Smithsonian museum doing some basic IT work
looking for a full time gig
trying to get something more stable
more stable and better paying

PING ME if you know of a job that fits my needs
my background is in Desktop Support
but would be willing to move to something else
Social Media is on the top of that list
but I am certain I am capable of ANYTHING!

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