interesting kid... Jose grew up near where I live and as a teen he worked at City Bikes... this shot is a decade old... the boy is a young man

another old photo...

when I ran into Jose he was with his mother
we were out in front of Bestworld not Bestway on Mount Pleasant Street
it cold and dark somewhere around rushhour
I was on my bike and headed home from work

when I made the turn the wrong way on the one way on Lamont Street my eye caught Jose' eye
so I stopped to say hello

jose was older than he was the last time I had seen him
there was a wild look in his eye
I don't want to say the intense stare of a madman
but well... that is what I saw

then he shared his current tale of woe
apparently he has a political agenda
something about denouncing his citizenship or something
he used a lot of big words... it sounded well thought out... he was articulate and intelligent
but I did not get it

hope Jose is well?

and who is to say if Don Quixote was insane or a genius?
I like to think a genius

and I like to believe the same of Jose
it was nice to meet his mother... I told her that she had a very handsome son
I am not sure if she understood

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