New Belgium Cruiser... and a gift from New Belgium arrived on my doorstep last week

last week I got home from work and found a box on the doorstep
it is not so rare for there to be a box on the doorstep
only this time things were different
the recipient was me and not my wife

a box for me?

but yes... a box for me
a gift from the folks over at New Belgium
a tasty craft beer from the limited run that is the Lips of Faith 
along with two very nice New Belgium beer glasses


New Belgium Brewery
New Belgium... the company that brings us Fat Tire and an assortment of other flavorful craft beers is also the source of the Tour de Fat
What is the Tour de Fat?
well... that is that "if you have to ask?" sort of question

people create their one line answers to that unanswerable question
I like to call it a bicycle themed carnival fueled by individualism and beer
or something to that effect

The Tour de Fat is a bicycle themed carnival put on by New Belgium Brewery that goes to 9 cities across the continental US
to our Metropolitan pleasure... DC is one of these nine cities

in each of the nine cities bicycle advocacy groups assist in putting on this spectacular event
and in turn
New Belgium donates the proceeds back to the bicycle advocacy groups that volunteer at the event
which means...
Tour de Fat is win win for the cities that host this event

what does this mean to me?
MORE (the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) is one of the bicycle advocacy groups that volunteers at this event
as a representative of MORE I assist by running the Bike Valet at the event
in addition to running the bike valet at the Tour de Fat it is also my duty to help with promotion

New Belgium enlisted a company called Street Shimon to help motivate the promoters by providing some guidelines and offering up a challenge
the top five promoters from all 9 cities would be awarded a FAT TIRE CRUISER
that is a solid motivator

and then this...
a photo of me after I invited DC Mayor Vincent Gray to the DC incarnation of the Tour de Fat
Gray did not attend
but council member David Grosso did attend
and from what I could tell... David fit right in and had a good time

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I want one of those bikes so bad! I'm glad you got it... Cheers! Bruce