Is riding with dad so bad?

some times I need to give the kids some space
let the kids explore things out from under my shadow
so I wandered around the area with the camera while the boys ran around in the "holler"

had to stop... do not always want to stop
do not always stop
but sometimes I need to all the children to do as they wish
they wanted to climb around this underpass

I get it... so we stalled for a water\pee break
they got to run around for 5 minutes
back on the bike

this was the first couple of miles of our twenty mile ride
Grant was complaining about a stomach ache
I told him "stomach ache on the first mile? that is a tough way to start a 20 mile ride"

both Dean and I tried to give Grant a pep talk
tried to let Grant know that once he started pedaling he would get a rhythm and forget about his stomach
that was true
but each stop had Grant starting out slow before warming up again

so tough balancing the energy and strength levels of a 10 and 12 year old boy

look at that smile on Grant's face... he can not deny that he had fun on this ride
it was forced
I hustled him along
I pushed him
I listened to his complaints and ran them through my filter

and well
the boys each had a good time and made me proud

good day on the bike!

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