it is true... I toned down my bicycle advocacy effort

Anthony Foxx is the US Secretary of Transportation
I will admit... I did not know who had replaced Ray LaHood
as I am not as devoted to my advocacy efforts as I once was
I lost momentum

Bicycle Advocacy...
a one time passion
something I tried to morph into a career
and well
that has yet to happen

so... I have been putting my energies elsewhere

perhaps I feel as if my effort were unappreciated
maybe I thought my ideas and actions were a greater contribution to the cause than they were
one time my blog had a large following with extensive daily readership

well... I post less regularly
and I post with less information and less passion
it is hard to maintain that sort of passion without any sort of recognition or reward

here I am... once again looking for work
and I can not help but consider the transition from IT to Bicycle\Pedestrian Safety
so many problems with simple solution

Control the Car Chaos

chase that link...
my rants may give some insight 
my post may inspire or at least entertain
either way... have a nice day

drive the way you expect others to drive
it is that simple

don't behave like the people that anger and frustrate you

and if that does not make sense...
put your phone in your bag and do not reach for it until the engine is stopped
respect the laws
sure we have accepted parameters for interpreting the law.... such as the "speed limit"
but factor others into your situation

make complete stops at stop signs at the stop line... the ROLLING STOP is an accident waiting to happen and there is no way to do this and factor in all variables around you
give pedestrians and cyclists their right to safety and their right to space
treat pedestrians and cyclists how you would like to be treated by car drivers if you were a pedestrian or cyclist

it is really that simple

and... Ray LaHood

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