love the packaging... looking forward to giving this beer a try....

love the packaging\presentation
they did not really modify the bottle
although it is a nice bottle
just like the design

I am a big fan of the beers by New Belgium
but I have also become a big fan of the company
a company that entirely employee owned and operated
a company that gives back to the community
a company's whose presence gives inspiration to art and culture

it is the product
it is the ethos of the company
and yes... it is the Tour de Fat
the Tour de Fat and much MORE

New Belgium gives back to the community
100 % of the Proceeds from the Tour de Fat go back to the bicycle not for profits that volunteer and lead volunteers at the tour de fat
New Belgium sponsors grass roots events
I may be incorrect on the specifics of this... but I think New Belgium is the beer sponsor at the THREE EPICS HOSTED BY MORE
I wish there were an events page I could link to
it should be easier...
there should be a MORE Page with a main page and then three separate pages, one for each EPIC

MORE's Ethos Described in the Four Pillars of MORE

so... I am not sure what this is about
but there is a Instagram Photo Contest 
okay... learn more about this photo contest that just started

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