Ski Liberty Saturday! today is Sunday... yesterday was the boys' last session of Ski Development at Ski Liberty... is that the end of our ski season?

Dean and Grant are enrolled in Ski Development at Ski Liberty this year
the boys are loving it
it takes some effort on the parent's part
but it is paying off


both Dean and Grant are "developing" their skiing at a decent rate

Lisa and I have alternated taking the boys to Liberty each Saturday
as much as I enjoy snowboarding
I am not sure if I am able to express myself on the board the way I would like with the east coast hill
I like powder and riding in the trees

not much powder and riding in the trees at Ski Liberty

WE RIDE: The Story of Snowboarding

oh man... oh oh man
my boys are jamming on the planks
sure their dad is a knuckle dragger
but that does not mean that the kids can not learn to ski!

so cool to watch the boys develop 
develop athletically
grow as people
grow as individuals

to very different kids with two very different styles

dam I love those boys


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