the post school bike ride... (an draft that ever made the page)

I miss the post school bike ride with the boys
as I am back to working full time and the boys are in different schools
this window of opportunity has closed
glad I grabbed that window of opportunity while it was there

ah... the post school bike ride
it is not about saving the planet
it is not about trying to live car free or car lite
it is about getting out on the bike
it is about hanging out together
it is about interacting with the city around you

it is about living life
it is about experiencing our surroundings

it is about so much more than staying out of the car

but it is also that

in contrast
there is more communication on the bike than in the car
in the car the boys are often on their screens
there is not much opportunity for screen time on the bike
unless the ride is being logged on Strava

I miss those post school bike rides with the boys

need to find our rides again

we need to get the bike back into our lives


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