Walking the dog.:. Always more interesting outside the house

the dog must be walked... as we never trained him to use the toilet
it is pretty standard that I walk the dog three times a day
early am... home from work\dinner time... and then a short one before bed
often I drag the boys along with me

just like any activity with the boys other than video games
it all happens at gun point
no... I do not own a gun
but it is that type of pressure that is needed to help them to do what is best for them

they fight me on everything
as if they do not enjoy it
once into the action they love it
but only after they drag their feet and raise my blood pressure

and Didg
Didg needs no coaxing
well... unless he gets the scent of a fox
then there may be a moment of frustration
his focus is tough to break
especially if he is trying to find the fox

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