amusing anecdote from my son Dean...

Dean told me this story as we walked the dog the other day...

the other day at school Dean was wearing a Tour de Fat t-shirt...
one of Dean's teacher's noticed the shirt and made a comment, "Cool shirt Dean, but I am not sure about you wearing a shirt with the word beer on it in school"
Dean had a polite rebuttal where he told the teacher about the event The Tour de Fat, the bicycle theme, and his father's volunteering there. The teacher listened and accepted Dean's response.

Then the next day Dean went to school in a different shirt... this time he was wearing a black shirt with a DC Flag... but instead of stars there were Xes... the symbol of DC Hardcore (music not porn) and the symbol of Straight Edge. Although Dean has met Ian Mackaye and more than likely has been given an introduction to the concept of Straight Edge and such, he did not know what the shirt meant. In fact... Dean does not look at his shirt that he puts on... he just takes whatever is on the top of the stack. Yet Dean was amused by the irony... one day he is wearing a shirt that supports the notion of drinking beer while the next he wore a shirt that goes along with the philosophy of Straight Edge (no drinking and no drugs)

it was an amusing story...

what was most amusing was each piece of the story was its own story
and it all came full circle 

it was fun to have Dean tell me such a convoluted story with a bit of a twist at the end

I am not sure how that last Ian got in there... but that brings up a great tangent
Ian and Ian on Soft Focus

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