another old post that never made the page kids are at school without their bikes... I love reading this stuff

dropped the kids off at school without their bikes today...

it is rainy... it is cold... my older son is sick... we were running late...

there is no real good reason why we did not bring the bikes to school today at drop off
it is not raining that hard... it is not that cold... my older son is not really that sick... and loading the bikes into the car would not have made us any more late

I really did not feel like it
it is true... I caved into my demons
it was a situation of "giving myself a choice"
there should not be a choice

Yoda would give good advice on this... something to the effect of
"don't think... just do"
or maybe it was Nike who said... "Just Do It!"

sometimes choices are our failure
I see this all the time with the parents of the modern age
we all give our kids the right to make a choice... we give them a say... we give weight to their opinion

This is something I see especially in sports...
"Little Jimmy did not want to play soccer this season"
really? this off the cuff decision will impact his future... and you let little Jimmy make that decision
does little Jimmy get to choose what he eats or doesn't eat?
if given the choice I bet little Jimmy will have ice cream over vegetables!
can little Jimmy decide to go to school or not to go to school?
does little Jimmy have a choice between doing his homework or not doing his homework?
what about practicing his violin? does Jimmy have a choice there?

then why is it that things like sport are treated as such?

the kids today are often uncoordinated
the kids do not seem to ride their bikes as much or toss the ball as much as people did in my era
as kids we rode our bikes all around the neighborhood... but now... with the car culture as it is... that is not a safe option
then as kids we would organize our own pick up games... but now... well... with the irrational fear of abduction we are not allowed to let our children out of our sight

as a soccer coach of a first grade team I see lots of "little Jimmies" out there
lots of kids dropping out...
lots of kids not going to practices and not going to games
I also see lots of "Little Jimmies" that are not moving forward as fast as some of the other kids

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