art or vandalism? the debate continues

Can't have nothing nice when your surrounded by idiots.
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  • Rob Hager This isn't art and it wasn't asked for. This is scribble scrabble vandalism. Not cool ! I don't buy the comes with the territory bullshit. Just my 2 cents.
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  • Geb Bornman Somewhere there are skaters who take care of their hard earned riding surface and they are laughing at us..
  • Drew Munn The people with the resources to build more parks .....don't want to see graffiti.
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  • Billy Mitchell That sounds like a bias perspective of an art form to me. Really "good" graffiti/street art has its origins in simple tags. If you want it to be completely art-free then it would need to be fenced off and chained up at night with security posted. You have to pick your battles here.
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