Bike to Work Day 2014... the year of the Tsunami

Mary, Ricky, and Myself
at the tail end of Bike to Work Day 2014
I am not sure of the numbers at its high point
but I think it was all a wash

catching up with Phil of Bicycle Space

Photos from Bike to Work Day 2014 on the BicycleSpace Facebook Page

it is true... my elbow is broken and I am supposed to be off the bike
but I had to get off the bench an on the bike for BTW Day

the plan to meet in Mount Pleasant to parade down to Freedom Plaza was highjacked by the rain
not the deluge of rain falling from the sky
but the rain that had collected in my basement
I spend a good part of my morning doing damage control

it was late when I got on the bike
it was late and it was wet
when I rolled into Freedom Plaza it was sparse
not sure what I had missed

I left the camera in my pack along with Tour de Fat flyers

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