Bill Nye Echoing my sentiments... not just on science and climate change, but on having your camera ready when you go to take the picture

a few years ago I was out on my bike running around town
I had some errands to run
but taking photos was one of my primary objectives
so I meandered about the city finding myself at Union Station

at the Bike Station I hung out with Will Merry where we conversed about life and about bikes

now... I am not in the habit of playing paparazzi
famous people are far less important than people on bikes
but when I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy I had to approach him
there he was bow tie, eye brows, and nutty professor way about him

I approached him... gave him the two second... I have a bicycle blog can I take your photo exchange
it was funny... there were lots of topics covered
as it turns out Bill is into the bike
the bicycle is part of his life and has been for his whole life

there was talk about maybe growing up in the area or at least spending extended periods in this area
apparently Bill still has a bike that he bought from the Bicycle Pro Shop in Georgetown
in any case... I snapped lots of pictures as we talked
I did not expect to remember everything that was said
but I thought I would have these awesome portraitesque shots of Bill hamming it up for the camera with a bicycle at his side

well... Bill talked about this photo bomb incident
where he was doing a selfie with Neil Degrasse Tyson when they were photo bombed by some guy
that guy being the President
only one problem... Tyson's memory was full so they could not snap the shot

so... Bill Nye stepped in
which had Bill Nye instructing the people not only to believe in science... listen to facts... keep science in school.... and have your camera battery charged, have enough memory to take the photo, and in my case... has a CF Card in the camera

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